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Autism: talking about a diagnosis

Updated and revised in 2016. Keeping your child in the dark about their autism diagnosis can feel like the kindest thing to do. But in reality, it can be incredibly helpful for them to know the truth. Many autistic adults say they wish they’d been told earlier – because knowing the reasons for their difficulties and differences came as a relief, a source of comfort and a starting point for finding strategies for life. This book, for parents and carers of autistic children, explains the key things to think about when preparing to talk to your child about their autism diagnosis.

My family is different

Updated and revised in 2016. Aimed at young children aged five to eight, this colourful workbook is full of activities and games to help siblings understand their autistic brother or sister.

My Friend Sam

An old favourite, newly revised. This delightful picture book helps to describe some of the difficulties that young children with autism may have. 

Helping young children with autism to learn

This practical and accessible book is designed to help parents and professionals in mainstream schools and nurseries care for and teach children with autism aged 3-7. Written by an expert with over 25 years’ experience, it includes in-depth, practical and clear strategies to help you support your child and meet their needs.

Autism: understanding behaviour

If your child has autism, you may at times find their behaviour puzzling or challenging. In this new book, we look at the cause and function of behaviour and also discuss a number of practical strategies that you can use in day-to-day situations – or at times of heightened stress and anxiety – to help your child manage their behaviour. Now available as an ePubs eBook or Kindle-friendly version.

Autism: understanding and managing anger

As anyone living in a family affected by autism will testify, children with autism can have a lot to contend with. While not naturally angrier than anyone else, the difficulties and uncertainties that they face in everyday life can at times be difficult to cope with. Many families affected by autism have to deal with angry outbursts or 'meltdowns'. This book - which is aimed at parents and carers of children with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism - talks about why children with autism become angry and some practical ways in which you can help, including preventing and managing anger; coping with meltdowns; and helping your child to manage their feelings.

Autism: supporting your teenager

The pressures facing all teenagers can be huge, but they can be particularly hard to deal with if you have autism.  In this book, autism expert Caroline Hattersley shares advice and practical suggestions for parents on how to support your child through the challenges of teenage life. It also contains resources, activities and exercises for you and your child to complete.

Autism in the classroom

Joy Beaney and Penny Kershaw's books for use in the primary and secondary classroom have been fully updated with illustrations by Haitham Al-Ghani. Written by highly experienced teachers for staff in mainstream primary and secondary schools, these books contain practical information, advice and resources to improve your provision for pupils with autism.

It can get better

Liz Hannah and Paul Dickinson's book, to help parents and carers deal with common behaviour problems in young children with autism, has been fully revised. Now available as a paperback, ePubs ebook or Kindle-friendly version.

Support for the bereaved and the dying

Helen Green Allison's book has been fully revised and updated and is now available in paperback and as an ePubs ebook or Kindle-friendly version.

Sensory strategies

Out now! Corinna Laurie's new book for professionals looks at our senses and how these affect behaviour. A must for anyone working with students who have autism.

A helping hand

This popular DVD, developed to help young people with Asperger syndrome feel more confident in tricky social situations, has been updated and is available to order.

A new catalogue for 2016

The latest edition of our catalogue of books and other resources is now available and includes information on all our titles and new e-books programme. Order or download your free copy now.

Book sale now on!

Our 2016 book sale is now on with new titles added and reductions on a number of our most popular back list titles.

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