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Autism training

“We found working with The National Autistic Society a very positive experience. It increased our understanding of the needs of people with autism and their families, and we have made a number of changes to various services.” Adult Social Care, Rutland County Council

NAS Training and Consultancy has many years' experience delivering autism training courses to teachers, education professionals, local authorities, social services, parents and professionals across the UK.

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Everything you need to know

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Our training will equip professionals with the latest research and best practice from noted experts.
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Online training

Our online modules, developed by autistic people, are quick to complete and are a perfect fit for your busy schedule.
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Consultancy services

We work closely with you to provide the training your organisation needs in order to support autistic people.
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Employment-related training

We provide training for professionals including managers, colleagues and autistic people.
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Request training information

If you're looking for training about autism or autistic people, we can help. Tell us what you need.
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Organisational training

We offer outstanding in-house training to your team or organisation on a wide variety of autism topics.
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One-day seminars designed for parents, families and carers of children on the autism spectrum.
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For parents of pre-school children, EarlyBird helps build communication, development and positive behaviour.
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University programmes

We work with universities to provide recognised autism qualifications for your professional development.
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Training in diagnosis

At the Lorna Wing Centre, we offer specialist training in assessment and diagnosis of autism.
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Along with the Autism Education Trust, we've developed courses for educators working with children aged 5 to 16.
Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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