Technology is changing the way autistic individuals interact with the world, helping people in numerous different ways. Advances in technology mean that it can now be used as a great tool to help people learn and develop new skills whilst also working as a platform for autistic individuals to communicate more easily and freely with other people.

The conference aims to give you the tools and knowledge to support and help autistic people by using technology. It looks at how technology can be used to facilitate real life interactions and where technology is heading in the future.

The conference looks at the various ways technology can affect the lives of autistic people and their families, carers and teachers. It focuses on how technology can support autistic people and crucially how it can aid social interaction, but also looks at the risks it can present.

There are three different streams to choose from, so attendees can select the seminars that are most relevant to their daily work.

The first stream will look at independence and safeguarding, and the particular technology which is used to help autistic adults live an independent life. This looks at how technology can help autistic adults be safe and independent.

Our second stream will highlight the benefits of technology as an educational tool, and will hopefully give educational professionals ideas that they can implement back at work.

The third stream will look at safety online, and autistic people can stay safe gaming through online communities and will also give an account of an autistic individuals experience with cyber-bullying and how to cope.

This event is a great opportunity to hear from and network with acknowledged experts in the field and to gain a wealth of knowledge, engage in debate and exchange new ideas.