17 January 2018, Hilton Leeds City, Leeds

This conference will provide attendees with the tools and strategies to support autistic people at home, in the classroom or in other learning environments.

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Featured speakers

  • Dean Beadle, Journalist and Autism Speaker (TBC)
  • Siobhan Timmins, Social Stories
  • The Curly Hair Project 

The conference will feature plenary sessions looking at how confusing, unwritten social rules can be anxiety-inducing for autistic people. It will also discuss how to support autistic adults in developing and maintaining successful relationships.

There will also be interactive seminars discussing key issues including:

  • using language to influence our communication skills
  • working together to prevent loneliness in ageing autistic adults
  • developing social skills in the classroom.

With three different seminar streams to choose from, delegates can select the seminars which are most relevant to their work.

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