Many autistic people have difficulty processing everyday sensory information such as sounds, sights and smells. This is usually called having sensory integration difficulties or sensory sensitivity. It can have a profound effect on an individual’s life and autistic people are expected to cope with the sensory challenges at home, school and work every day. 

Dealing with these challenges can cause high levels of anxiety and stress, resulting in behaviours that can be difficult for other people to understand and offer significant challenges to professionals involved in the provision of educational, health and welfare services. Understanding the causes of sensory issues can be key in helping to support autistic people at home, school or residential provision.

At this conference, our expert speakers will give you the tools and knowledge to support and help autistic people affected by sensory issues. It will look at how you can help overcome challenges caused by sensory issues and help you to understand the huge impact they can have on the life of an autistic person. 

With three different streams to choose from, you can select the seminars that are most relevant to your daily work.

Excellent speakers, interesting anecdotes and concrete ideas to try.

2016 attendee

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Who should attend?

  • Education professionals from mainstream and special schools and local authorities.
  • Occupational therapists working with autistic people.
  • Social workers and support workers.
  • Managers and support staff from residential providers.
  • Clinicians across the professional field, including psychiatrists, psychologists, paediatricians, GPs and nurses.
  • Voluntary sector groups and not-for-profit organisations.
  • Autistic people, their families and carers.

Thoroughly enjoyable and informative. New ideas learned.

2016 attendee