Tuesday 17 October 2017, Birmingham

Join us at this one-day conference to get up to date with the latest practical strategies and best practice around support for autistic children and adults with behaviours that can challenge.

This conference will focus on:

  • positive behaviour support approaches
  • how sensory issues and anxiety can impact on behaviour
  • classroom approaches to managing behaviour
  • anger managment approaches
  • intensive interaction.

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Why attend this conference?

This is a great opportunity to build your knowledge of how to support autistic people in both educational and adult settings.

  • Hear the UK’s leading experts provide insights into strategies to support autistic people with behaviour that can challenge.
  • Discover more about the causes of challenging behaviours and how to reduce potential triggers.
  • Learn practical strategies for recognising early warning signs and making positive interventions.
  • Be inspired by first-hand accounts of the unique issues that affect autistic people.
  • Network with other professionals and experts in the field.

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Two in one!

We’re running this conference alongside the free 2017 Autism Central exhibition, so this is a great chance to combine the two. In one day you can learn about behaviour with us, and pick up information and meet people with autism, families and professionals from across Central England.

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