What types of services are accredited?


The Accreditation process


Additional member benefits 

When people receive or commission support from one of our accredited services, they can be confident that it will be of the highest standard.

Be part of a hub of the best and most contemporary autism practice. Autism Accreditation is an intensive programme which is extremely thorough and robust. Our staff and review teams are leading autism experts.

Accredited services include:

  • play groups
  • schools
  • colleges
  • inclusion units
  • prisons
  • short break services
  • adult services and more.

The review process was supportive and highlighted our strengths and targeted areas for development. The feedback supported staff in evaluating their teaching practice and informed the leadership team of future training and whole school development.

The Autism Accreditation programme is a continuing accreditation process. It supports services in the interpretation of the Autism Accreditation standards and advises them on creating quality action groups to assist the process. Services carry out a self-audit process against our standards, using set criteria, until they are ready to undergo a formal review that consists of verification of the audit, observations of practice and discussions with key stakeholders by a team of professional peers.


1. Contact the Accreditation office on 0117 974 8420 or by emailing accreditation@nas.org.uk to arrange a call with one of our Accreditation advisers based near you. A presentation about the programme can be arranged for you and your team. Or complete and submit our online form.

2. Your adviser will discuss the different membership packages – small, medium and large – and help with sign up.

3. The Autism Accreditation process starts with an introduction to the self-audit phase.


The Accreditation process looks at identifying strengths and good practice, and makes recommendations for areas that need further development.

We help organisations to continually improve as the self-audit stage is revisited throughout the three-year cycle. This allows new staff and developments to be integrated into the programme on a rolling basis.

1. Self audit 2. Adviser validation 3. Arranging a review 4. Peer review 5. Award panel

The review process was positive, supportive and directly influenced the development of practice which has enabled further pupil progress.

Please note: The review team is unable to consider as evidence towards accreditation, unsolicited information provided by a third party outside of the review process. Autism Accreditation has no jurisdiction over the services that volunteer to be registered, and persons who have concerns about a service may be best advised to follow the complaints procedure of that service provider.


A new flexible pricing structure has been introduced as of June 2017, please contact us further to find out how we can provide a package of support to suit the needs of your provision.

Prices exclude VAT. For services registered in the Autism Accreditation programme, an annual registration fee is payable each year within 30 days of the invoice date for the year beginning 1 April and ending 31 March, calculated pro rata from the date of registration. The fee is determined by the complexity of the service and agreed level of support provided. A registration may incorporate more than one location or service, but the services registered must be located within agreed journey times and not exceed the capacity of a two person peer review team to audit over two days.

Additional member benefits:

  • use of the Autism Accreditation logo on promotional materials once accredited status is granted, and licence agreement signed
  • press pack containing guidance on how to publicise your Accreditation achievement externally
  • invitations to FREE Local Accreditation Community Network Meetings and Raising the Standards days - see all events 
  • 10% discount to National Autistic Society conferences and training events
  • opportunity for staff continued professional development through joining our Autism Accreditation Review Teams 
  • access to the wider Autism Accreditation Community.

Our accreditation adviser provided expertise throughout the process and we were very grateful for their support.

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