There are four phases in the accreditation process. Please see each stage explained below, to find out what is involved. 


  • Your organisation undertakes a comprehensive and detailed self-audit of current practice
  • Implementation of accreditation action plan based on the self-audit with your adviser
  • Introductory meeting is held within the first four months of registration with your adviser
  • Action planning meeting is held within the first eight months of registration with your adviser


  • One or more assessment meetings with an adviser to discuss how your assessment day(s) will go and assess
  • Online accreditation survey is sent to families and/or autistic people
  • A report summary of assessment findings, areas of strength and development is produced by the adviser and sent to the awarding body 
  • The external assessor will moderate the organisation based on findings and an observation of the provision

Award outcomes

  • Outcomes are measured against specific criteria that must be met and demonstrated in order to achieve each stage of Aspire, Advanced or Achieve.
  • Organisations can apply for Advanced accredited status on their first assessment, an additional day is required to gather more evidence to address the Advanced status criteria
  • A licence to use the Autism Accreditation mark is issued along with a certificate is awarded for Organisations who achieve accredited status and above

What next?

  • Accredited status will be reconfirmed every six months with a full assessment every three years
  • Enhanced status can be gained by submitting an application to be considered for an award. The prestigious Autism Accreditation Excellence Award is given to organisations that show particular creativity, innovation or outstanding impact. 
  • Exclusive access to Autism Accreditation networking events

Additional member benefits

Once your organisation is accredited, you'll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • use of the Autism Accreditation logo on promotional materials once accredited status is granted, and licence agreement signed
  • press pack containing guidance on how to publicise your accreditation achievement externally
  • invitations to free local accreditation community network meetings and raising the standards days - see all events 
  • 10% discount to National Autistic Society conferences and training events
  • opportunity for staff continued professional development through joining our Autism Accreditation review teams 
  • access to the wider Autism Accreditation Community.

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