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Exploring the social world with people on the autism spectrum

Author: The National Autistic Society


Format: DVD and CD-ROM
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SocialEyes - Exploring the social world with people on the autism spectrum
The National Autistic Society
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The National Autistic Society

SocialEyes is a well-established approach to facilitating social skills and social understanding with autistic people. Launched by The National Autistic Society in 2010, this learning resource has been developed with autistic people, along with leading professionals in the field. All SocialEyes resources have been extensively piloted and re-piloted with ongoing development and research since 2005.

SocialEyes does not ask autistic people to change ‘inappropriate’ social behaviour, or to acquire social skills by copying the ‘typical’ behaviour of others. Instead, it gives people the option of learning social interaction skills or alternative social strategies. The SocialEyes DVD and CDROM focuses on eight social skills that autistic people can have difficulty with, including starting a conversation, eye contact and personal space. The SociaEyes CDROM includes photo cards, assessments and additional activities.

Please see the ‘further information’ tab for more information on using SocialEyes.

Please visit our training pages for information about our SocialEyes Facilitator Training course.

"I have been looking for something of this quality for a long time. Clear and well structured with a brilliant DVD. The students are really enjoying it and learning a great deal." Maria Prosser, ASD specialist teacher, Cathays High School.
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"The SocialEyes series is a much needed and very much researched resource... I am excited by this series and honoured to have played a role in its production." Dr Wenn Lawson, Author, Psychologist and person with autism.

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