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Social care bilingual version

Social care/Gafal cymeithasol

Bilingual English-Welsh leaflet

Author: Mari Saeki and Andrew Powell

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Social care/Gafal cymeithasol - Bilingual English-Welsh leaflet
Mari Saeki and Andrew Powell
Published by
The National Autistic Society

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are lifelong developmental disabilities and the needs of people with an ASD vary greatly. Some people with an ASD are able to lead relatively normal lives. Others will need a lifetime of specialist support. Most will benefit from services based round their individual needs.  However, it may not always be easy for social care staff to identify what these needs are. This booklet is aimed at professionals who are involved in assessment and care planning for adults with an ASD. With greater understanding of the way that ASD affects each person differently, assessors can make sure that support and resources are directed in the most appropriate and cost effective way. Mari and Andrew have both worked for The National Autistic Society for many years, working with children and adults with autism and their families.

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Fully illustrated, photography; printed in English and Welsh
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