No new claims for DLA can be made for people aged 16 and over, this is because DLA is being abolished and replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

You may still need to complete a DLA form if you ordered a new claim form before 10 June 2013 and are returning it before the deadline given to you, or if you are renewing an existing DLA claim that expires before February 2014.

The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) form can be an intimidating form to complete. Below are some general tips to consider when filling in the form. Also below is a form you can download to send off with your completed DLA application form. This is to provide the decision-maker with further information on your condition and the extra support you need.

Tips on completing the form

  • Keep a claim file. Photocopy everything you send and receive regarding your application. Also keep a note of any telephone conversations you have regarding the claim.
  • Mention all your difficulties. Your DLA claim is based on all health difficulties, so if you have physical or health problems such as asthma or diabetes make sure you mention them on the form, as well as your autism spectrum disorder.
  • Ensure you explain what causes your problems with certain activities. For example 'I have difficulties using public transport because I have Asperger syndrome'.
  • Say what your problems are in detail.
  • Give examples, for example 'On one occasion I left the iron on and burnt the carpet. It nearly started a fire'.
  • Say how someone could help you, for example 'If someone is with me when I am in a strange place they can help calm me down if I start to get anxious'.
  • Your GP may be contacted regarding your claim. Do not assume that your GP will know everything about your condition and how it affects you on a day-to-day basis. Make an appointment with your GP before you send your application form off to give them a copy of the completed form, and to update them about how your condition is affecting you.


Supplementary information

Here you can download a DLA supplementary information form (Word doc) to support your application. Complete all parts and send it with your completed DLA application form.

It is also a good idea to send supporting evidence with your claim. This could be a copy of your diagnosis report or any other assessments that you have had, or any other letters, reports or other documents that give information about your condition, the difficulties that you have and the help that you need.

The supplementary information form must only be sent to the DLA office with a completed DLA application from. It will not be considered without the other form.

Further information

For further information about completing your DLA form, please contact one of the following organisations:


Last updated: June 2013

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