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Last updated: 07/09/2015 14:59:03
A dance class at Sybil Elgar School

Autism affects everyone in different ways, so it's hard to generalise about people's experiences. Some people with autism live relatively independent lives but others may need a lifetime of specialist support. Find information for:

In this section

Transition to adulthood
Education and transition

Education can do a lot to improve the long-term opportunities of people with autism. 

Understanding behaviour

Practical information and tips on understanding and managing 'unusual' or challenging behaviour.

Communicating and interacting

Including information for parents and for people with autism. Covers social skills, social isolation and sex education.

Strategies and approaches

There is no 'cure' for autism, but there are some approaches that people use to help with various difficulties they may experience.

At home

Covers a wealth of domestic skills and situations including autism-friendly environments, toys, oral health, bereavement, managing money.

Out and about

Hints and tips about dealing with or managing situations such as family days out and holidays, or going out and about locally – for example, to the shops.

Benefits and community care

Information about some of the benefits and services available to people with autism and their parents and carers.

Adults with autism or Asperger syndrome

Shortcuts to relevant information from across the website.

Parents, relatives and carers

Shortcuts to information written specifically for parents, relatives, partners and carers of people with autism and Asperger syndrome.

Real life stories

Read some of the real-life personal stories that people have shared with us about living with autism.

Online autism training available

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