We were absolutely amazed to find out what some of our World Autism Awareness Week 2016 fundraisers organised. The amount of money and awareness they raised was phenomenal.

Not only was it great to find out what people were doing, but it was also incredibly inspiring. We thought you would like to take a look at a few of our amazing fundraisers from 2016 and for this year!


Connor is getting involved with World Autism Awareness Week 2017 in so many different ways! He has been encouraging people to take part in the week through his talent of making videos, he is attending one of our World Autism Awareness Week Night Walks and he is going to be posting every day during the week to help people to understand what autism is to him. Please watch the video below to see an incredibly beautiful piece about Connor and his autism.


Ann Marie


Star fundraiser, Anne-Marie

"Last year for World Autism Awareness Week I did a Facebook auction. My friends and I donated items we no longer needed and uploaded photos of them on to my Facebook page.

"You start with a low bid and people then bid on the item they want. The highest bid gets the item and they then donate on the fundraising page or when they pick it up. I raised £169!

"I am doing another Facebook auction for World Autism Awareness Week 2017! My 14-year-old daughter is autistic so the National Autistic Society is a charity close to my heart.”

Ann-Marie, Branch Officer, South Gloucestershire Branch


Suzanne, star fundraiser

"My autistic daughter and I really enjoy organising a coffee morning every year in our local community, where we invite our local MP Patricia Gibson and MSP Kenneth Gibson. Patricia spoke in the House of Commons this year about raising awareness of autism and we were absolutely delighted when she mentioned our coffee morning!

"Holding these events have not only helped our community to understand autism more, but also have encouraged many to open up about their own issues and engage with others in a social environment.

"We are overjoyed by having raised over £150 for World Autism Awareness Week 2016. We look forward to raising more money and awareness next year!”

Suzanne, North Ayrshire

Houndsfield Primary School

Hounsfield school 

We collected an impressive £450.70 from donations for The National Autistic Society by organising a non-uniform day, a coffee morning for parents, a special story time in the school library and a school assembly.

Children, teachers and parents had an important part to play in raising funds and autism awareness!

"By contributing to autism fund raising, I feel that I’ve helped the whole world!”

Year Five child, Houndsfield Primary School


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