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Real stories

You shared your experiences with us of getting too much information and feeling judged.

Explore other people's stories and see for yourself how public reactions to autism can affect lives.


Student, Ben, has a diagnosis of autism

Everything you need to know

George the Poet


"My brother has given me a window into the world of autism... I want to share that."
Matt Owen


"For an autistic person, the amount of information coming from all directions can be overwhelming."
Carol and Freddy

Carol and Freddy

“Surely you should be able to control your child,” they seemed to say.


"No one should be ashamed of me or anyone like me, I'm just me."

Fay and Bowie

"Soon enough, people were laughing at me instead of him."


"It hurts to see how little the rest of the world still really understands her."
Rosie King


"Judgement is for courtrooms and The X Factor, not for disabled families."
Kane has a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome


"Other people can be really helpful to me and help me recover."
Sarah with her twin daughters, Mia and Ella.

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