The National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour is the UK’s first week-long event, launching 2 October, where shops and services take 60 minutes to provide autistic people with a break from the overload of too much information.

As part of our Too Much Information campaign and with the support of shopping centre owner intu, in the week of 2 October we asked shops and businesses to take simple steps for 60 minutes that lead to a more autism-friendly world. 

Which shops and businesses participated near you? View our map to find out.

What are we asking shops and businesses to do? We’re asking shops and business to take simple steps in their stores, including:

  • Turning down music and other noiseOverwhelming noise is a common barrier to autistic people accessing shops. Where possible, in-store tannoy announcements and other controllable noise should be reduced.
  • Dimming the lights: ​​Lighting, particularly fluorescent strip lighting, can be overwhelming for autistic people. Wherever possible, whilst maintaining a safe premises, lights should be dimmed or switched off.
  • Sharing information about autism with employeesWe don't expect everyone to be an autism expert but we believe everyone should understand autism. We'll provide information about autism to help your staff make your customers' experience a positive one.
  • Sharing information about our Too Much Information campaignIn the week of October 2 we ask that you help increase the public's understanding of autism by sharing our Too Much Information campaign with customers.
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