Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a chance for our members to hear about the work that we've done over the past year, and what we've got planned for the next year.

We always aim to hold it at an autism-friendly venue, and to make sure that we provide you with as much help as possible to make your trip to our AGM as easy as possible.

We'd like to say a big thank you to everybody who attended our recent 2016 Annual General Meeting and family day at the Museum of London!

We were so pleased to see so many people visit the museum to take part in the day's sessions, and share their thoughts on how we can continue to improve the lives of autistic people.

During the morning’s AGM meeting, Carol Homden and Mark Lever, Chair of Trustees and Chief Executive respectively, presented some of our many achievements over the last year (PowerPoint file). Special thanks was given to some 50,000 supporters who have contributed to the organisation's leading projects this year, as well as the continued dedication of our branches, Autism Helpline, schools and services.

Alex Marshall and his family also shared their experiences of working on our Too Much Information campaign and offered a moving account about overcoming the challenges of growing up with autism.

The morning's AGM was followed by breakout sessions on our Too Much Information campaign (PowerPoint file), the Autism Friendly Award (PowerPoint file) and the Robert Ogden School (PowerPoint file). Families enjoyed a range of arts & crafts activities and theatre workshops led by Flute theatre.

Did you attend the AGM and family day? We'd love to hear any feedback you have about the day! You can share your thoughts by contacting our supporter care team on 0808 800 1050 or emailing membership@nas.org.uk.