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Membership of The National Autistic Society (NAS) is the best tool for staying up to date on important news and information about autism.

It is designed to be of interest to everyone, whether you're on the spectrum, support or care for someone with autism or simply want to find out more about autism.

Membership benefits include:

  • the award-winning Your Autism Magazine delivered quarterly
  • 10% discount on all orders from the Publications catalogue
  • up to £75 discount on NAS conferences and events
  • access to low cost Personal Liability and travel insurance products.


We offer a variety of subscription packages, both in the UK and overseas:

The more members we have, the more influential we are when campaigning for the rights of people affected by autism. Members understand the impact that autism has on people's lives and can help us to shape the work that we do.

Call 0808 800 1050 to find out more about becoming a member.

Choose your membership type

Welcome pack with free Autism Alert card
Our welcome pack includes a free Autism Alert card (worth £2.50) and a useful guide to our services.

Your Autism Magazine
Our members' magazine is packed full of news, reviews, advice and personal stories, as well as special offers exclusively for members. View an extract here.
Discounts on our books, DVDs and resources
You can get a 10% discount off all NAS publications.
Discounts on our conferences
You can get discounts on tickets to all NAS conferences. Organisations benefit from one discounted ticket per conference, which can be used by any member of staff.
Members' e-newsletter
This quarterly newsletter tells you about the latest membership offers and events, our campaigns, and includes interviews with other members.
Low cost insurance options
You can get access to travel insurance, personal liability insurance and life insurance, designed specifically for people with autism, their families and carers.

Helping to shape our work
You can vote for our Council of Members and attend our AGM and members' day, helping us to decide what we do as an organisation and how we do it.

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To find out more about membership, please call 0808 800 1050 or email