Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
Last updated: 13/04/2015 14:57:13
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As a charity, we rely on your kind donations to continue our work. There are lots of ways you can give.

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How your donation helps

Rocco, who is a boy on the autism spectrum, stands next to his Christmas toy. NAS helps families like Rocco's during the Christmas period 
  • £5 a month could help a worried parent get advice and information from one of our Helpline Advisers following their child’s diagnosis.
  • £10 a month could help someone take that first step away from isolation by attending one of our Adult Social Groups, where they can learn social skills and make friends.
  • £20 a month can help us to keep campaigning across the UK to make sure that the Government provides people with autism access to the support they need to lead the life they choose.

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