We are happy for you to place a text link to our website. This page shows you how to do this.

If your organisation is working in partnership with us and you would like to use our logo on your website, please contact Content@nas.org.uk.

Which bit of the website do you want to link to?

  • Linking to our front page
    To link to www.autism.org.uk, we recommend that you use the following code:
  • <a href="http://www.autism.org.uk" title="The National Autistic Society website"> The National Autistic Society website</a>

  • Linking to a specific page (or pages) 
    Sometimes the names of our web pages change. When this happens, links to specific web pages will break, so we recommend that you just link to the main website or the main relevant section of our website, rather than to a very specific page.