Many brothers and sisters of people on the autism spectrum will feel the need for some form of support during their lives. They may find it helpful to talk with friends, someone outside the family, a professional, or with other siblings of people with disabilities.

Talking with a friend or professional

Talking with a friend or with a person from outside of the family may be a comfort to many siblings, and offer a different or fresh perspective on things. A sibling may not even wish to talk about their family dynamics - they may just wish to talk freely about other issues without interruption.

There are different professionals who a sibling could talk with. This depends on the age and circumstances of the sibling. The professional may be a teacher, a social worker, a health professional or a trained counsellor. Our Autism Helpline can help you to find the details of autism-experienced counsellors.

Talking with other siblings

Siblings may wish to make contact with other siblings experiencing similar issues. Find information for siblings, and details of siblings groups from: