Hello, my name is Anna. I’m 9 and in Year 5, and I have a 14 year old brother in Year 10 with autism, whose name is Sam. My mum and dad are very kind, loving, helpful and generous parents and I know Sam loves me a lot and just can’t show it.

Sometimes Sam can get annoying, well a lot of the time, but you learn to deal with it. He doesn’t really go out much apart from school, not that he likes it! It is hard when he doesn’t know about things that he needs or has to do, because it will only turn it into an argument, so you need to tell him at least the night before!

Most of the time, before he sits down he will check the room for spiders or even just spider webs. Now that’s not a thing that just anyone would do, but sometimes you have to stop and think that you are so lucky to have someone who has autism because they are so very different, and they still love you but just can’t show it. So my dad came up with this thing to show me that my brother loves me, and it was to put my brother’s hands in a heart shape and I would do it back.

I also found that when he sits at home or at our Nan’s, he has to have the sole of his right foot on the chair or the couch and his left foot and the bottom half of his left leg across the chair. One of the good things about Sam’s autism is that he remembers every date and time of when he watched a movie and he knows when the Doctor Who characters have changed!

In 2013, my mum, my brother, and me went to go and see my mum’s cousin whose daughter also has autism. The way they were interacting with each other on the Nintendo Wii was amazing! My mum got talking to her cousin about a parents group and that Sunday we went to meet the group. It was pottery and trampoline day that week, and we loved it! My dad enjoyed it and my mum did too, but not so much my brother, because he doesn’t really like interacting if it’s not on his XBox or Playstation 3! 

Through this group, we got in touch with a group running a club for the siblings of children with autism. Two people from the club came over to my house to get a few facts about me, and on the next Thursday I went to the siblings club. Not only did I love it, but my brother got two whole hours of peace which he liked a lot!

My mum and dad have found that when I am gone for more than seven hours, my brother asks where I am. This makes me feel like he misses me a lot which makes me feel very special! Very special!

By Anna