Okay, let's start with number one, difficulty with communication. Some people with autism do not speak or some people have difficulty speaking. For those that do not speak, they may use pictures, written words or even something called sign language (hand or arm movements) to tell people what they need or how they are feeling.

My brother sometimes takes my hand or shows me what he wants instead of speaking because he finds this easier to do. My brother can speak but sometimes it takes him a long time to say something back to me. If I say lots of words at once, he can become very confused so I must remember to keep things simple and sometimes say things slowly.

My brother also has problems working out when someone is joking or teasing him. To help him understand jokes, I sometimes have to say that I was joking.

We understand how people are feeling by looking at their faces. My brother and many people with autism find it very hard to understand faces. For example, my brother doesn't seem to know when I'm angry or upset.

Sometimes he copies or even laughs at me. He doesn't mean this to be horrible, he just doesn't know what to do when I am feeling like this. Sometimes he thinks I'm just pulling a funny face, which is why he laughs at me, but a lot of the time he doesn't realise that he should help me or leave me alone.

I hope what I've explained so far has made sense. So, let's now move on to the second area known as difficulty with socialising.