Overcoming prejudice

My partner was diagnosed with Asperger's as a child. He now has a first-class Honours degree from Derby University and co-edits a small press magazine with me.

Admittedly, his communication skills are a bit weird at times but people who don't know he's autistic certainly don't make that assumption: usually they just think he's adopted a formal style of speech to be ironic!

He is the most loving, kind, affectionate, thoughtful person I have ever met. I am so proud of him, not just because he has overcome prejudice ("Rain Man" was his nickname from some of the people I used to be friends with – so he stayed and they didn't!) but because he is... well, he's just lovely.

Enjoying a quiet life

My partner and I enjoy spending time together, we don't have trouble communicating, he doesn't have a problem expressing himself although my parents were initially worried that an autistic man couldn't give me the emotional support I needed.

We have what other people our age would probably consider a rather dull life - we have five cats, do a lot of artwork and writing and attend writers' groups. Possibly, if we wanted to go to nightclubs and hang round with gangs of lads, his AS might be a problem but since we're homebodies it doesn't matter.

In short I wouldn't swap him for the world!