Accessing community care for autistic children is slightly different depending on where you live in the UK. Read specific information about accessing support in your nation, including how to make a complaint.

The Community Care Service has also produced information about other frequently asked community care related questions:

  • How do I get support to enable me to continue to care for my child who is on the autism spectrum?

Anyone caring for an autistic child is entitled to a carer’s assessment. See our support for carers information.

  • There are no services in our area that are suitable for my child. I have heard about Direct Payments and would like to know if these would suit our family?

For more information see our Direct Payments information.

  • I am finding it difficult to access the community with my child. Is there anything I could access to make journeys less stressful?

Some autistic children over three with additional problems affecting mobility are entitled to a Blue Badge. If your son or daughter has autism and a learning disability or mobility problems he or she may be entitled to a concessionary Bus Pass.

We also have a number of template letters to help you to communicate with your local authority.