Community care services are available to adults living in each nation of the UK.

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The NAS Community Care Service has produced information to help with other frequently asked community care related questions:

How do I get support to enable me to continue to care for an adult on the autism spectrum?

Anyone caring for an adult with ASD is entitled to a carer’s assessment. See our Support for Carers information.

I would like to move out of my family’s home. What type of support can Social Services offer me?

There are a number of ways that Social Services can support you to live a fulfilling life. These are described in our Support Options  information.

My Social Worker has mentioned that I will have to pay for my support. How much can I expect to pay?

Community care services for adults are means tested. Find out how your income and out goings can affect what you pay from Disability Rights UK.

My Social Worker has suggested I consider using a Personal Budget to plan my support. What is this?

A Personal Budget is a form of Self Directed Support.

I have heard about Direct Payments and would like to know if these would suit me?

See our Direct Payments information.

I am finding it difficult to access the community. Is there anything I could access to make journeys less stressful?

Some autistic people who have additional problems affecting their mobility are entitled to a Blue Badge. If you have autism and a learning disability, or you have been refused a driving license, you may be entitled to a Bus Pass.

We have a number of Template Letters to help you to communicate with your local authority.


Last updated: 25 January 2017.