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Last updated: 27/07/2015 12:35:26
Teacher helping a group of young people with autism

Our understanding of autism has developed a great deal over recent years, but there is still a large amount of work to be done. Research in autism spectrum disorders, headed by Research Autism, is vital not just to understand the causes and effects of autism, but to make sure that people affected by autism receive the best possible support.

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Requests for research and participation

Research and surveys into autism are now being handled by Research Autism.

Autism Data

The ideal research tool: an autism-specific database of published material (research papers, books, articles, videos etc).

Research Autism

An independent, non-profit-making charitable Trust committed to improving the lives of individuals on the autistic spectrum through research into therapeutic or remedial interventions.

Autism reference library

Visit our autism reference library in London.

Email library@nas.org.uk for an appointment.

Online autism training available