Students hold a sale to raise money in World Autism Awareness Week.


So many schools got involved with Schools' Autism Awareness Week at school from the 27 March-2 April and we cannot thank them enough!

It was such a wonderful and educational week - teaching staff and pupils across the UK used our free lesson plans and resources to help increase understanding of autism in their school and beyond. So much of the fundraising driving force came from the pupils this year and wow, what amazing fundraising ideas they were! Well done to all of the children who took part and who have undoubtedly helped to change lives.

My name is Eleanor, and I was diagnosed with ASD. I organized a cake sale for Schools' Autism Awareness Week, because I want the world to know that I am not different or special from other people, I am normal just like you. I want to shout loud and proud of ASD. My friends helped me to bake cakes for the cake sale at my school. My school is the best, I love it, I enjoy going every day. It was fun making cakes, I was very tired at the end of it, but I raised lots of money and we had lots of cakes to sell.

Want to get involved with Schools' Autism Awareness Week in 2018?

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Why raise awareness of autism in your school?

At least 1 in 100 people in the UK have autism... so there are autistic people at your school, who you see every day. We know that indifference and hostility towards autistic people and their families leads to social isolation, mental illness and unhappy lives. But we also know that helping young people – and teachers – to understand autism as they grow up will equip them to accept and empathise with autistic people.

How teachers and students can get involved

Schools’ Autism Awareness Week invited teachers and pupils to:

  • learn about autism and in fun, imaginative lessons, activities and assemblies that are level-specific
  • plan and take part in amazing fundraising activities
  • help spread the word about why it's so important to understand and accept autism.

Free teacher resource packs

Don't forget to download a free teacher resource pack too. Each pack is level-specific, and contains teacher guidance, lesson and assembly plans, presentations and activities to help you improve understanding of autism at school.

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EYFS Foundation Nursery+P1 Year 1-2

Pack (English/Welsh)

PowerPoint (English/Welsh)

KS1-Lower KS2 Foundation P2-3 Year 3-4

Pack (English/Welsh)

PowerPoint (English/Welsh)

KS2 KS2 P4-7 Year 5-7

Pack (English/Welsh)

KS3-4 KS3-4 S1-3 Year 8-10

Pack (English/Welsh)

PowerPoint (English/Welsh)

KS4 KS4 S4-6 Year 11-12

Pack (English/Welsh)

Extra materials

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