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Intensive Interaction: connecting with people who are difficult to reach
This course shows delegates how to find ways to develop relationships with people with severe learning disabilities or autism. Participants will find ways to get in touch with the individual they support, understand their personal language and give them the confidence and skills to develop positive relationships. The course covers using the 'Intensive Interaction' technique with non verbal adults and children with autism or profound learning disabilities. Aim: To find out about the principles of Intensive Interaction; How to identify the barriers to building relationships; How to communicate with people who do not speak or respond due to their autism or profound learning disability; and How to use your own experiences to make improvements in the way you work. Content: This course will enable participants to better understand and communicate with the individual they support, increase their confidence, improve their quality of life and reduce any difficult behaviour. Delegates are able to reflect on their own experiences and change the way they work to build more fulfilling, interactive and equal relationships with people who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or profound learning disabilities and complex needs. Learning outcomes: An understanding of the basic principles of Intensive Interaction; and The ability to implement and evaluate Intensive Interaction techniques. Code: G.
Record Type: Seminars and workshops
Who to Contact
Concept Training
15  Beach Street
Tel: 01524 832828
Fax: 01524 832852
Web link for contact: www.concept-training.co.uk
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Email: info@concept-training.co.uk
United Kingdom
Caters For
Male and female
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Aimed At
Parent/carer of a child, Parent/carer of an adult, Professional
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Therapies/ Approaches/ Interventions

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