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Language of emotions with Dr Andy Bondy
In this workshop we will evaluate and challenge traditional approaches to teaching learners with autism to communicate about their emotions, as well as respond to such language from other people. Participants will be asked to consider how they currently teach various lessons related to emotions and then plan to incorporate Skinner’s analysis into the design of effective lessons. These lessons may involve very young children or teenagers and adults who continue to have difficulty with this topic. We also will look at a very important part of language that helps communicative partners better understand the perspective of someone who is attempting to communicate. We will review why this area is so difficult for those with Autism and suggest teaching strategies that may lead to successful acquisition of these complex language skills. What you will learn: why some learners aren’t ready to be taught emotions yet, and what pre requisite skills are required; to describe how learners typically learn to comment about ‘private events’; the type of information adults respond to when teaching students to tell us about their emotions, and what may be missing for learners with autism; Why traditional approaches to teaching ‘the language of emotions’ may not be effective and how they can be improved; how to both take advantage of existing emotional displays and how to create situations that are likely to induce such feelings; why it is not really easy to teach ‘really’.
Record Type: Seminars and workshops
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Pyramid Educational Consultants UK Ltd
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Web link for contact: www.pecs-unitedkingdom.com
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United Kingdom
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Male and female
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Parent/carer of a child, Parent/carer of an adult, Professional
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